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The best overlanding equipment, with expert installation - customized to your next great adventure.
RackStars Overlanding
RackStars Overlanding

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RackStars Overlanding
RackStars Overlanding

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RackStars Overlanding
RackStars Overlanding

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RackStars Overlanding
RackStars Overlanding

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What is it exactly and why is RackStarz the one stop shop for your Overlanding needs?

  • Overlanding has been around for quite some time.  Overlanding's origins finds its roots in both Australia and South Africa, dating back to the early nineteen hundreds.  Droving livestock took place in the Australian Outback.  In South Africa during this time period, South Africans and Europeans were trekking back and forth from Capetown to Cairo, and on up to Europe.  

  • In the last decade, Overlanding has gained popularity in North America.  

  • The goal is to assemble a "purpose built vehicle" that can travel through rugged terrain while being livable within the remotest of off grid destinations; lending itself to being self-reliant.  


  • There's ample amount of misinformation out in the "ether" so to speak; and RackStarz is readily and eagerly available to provide a wealth of factual based information to enhance your experience.  RackStarz can offer you the road map or offload map to dialing in your rig for the best combination to meet your individual needs.  


  • In addition, RackStarz knows which brands and accessories ultimately integrate well within a user friendly system.  This helps the consumer to avoid costly mistakes, while being time efficient.  


  • We take pride in our trained assistants to expertly advise you in this process.  RackStarz has many brands to offer our customers, including our very own "Javelina Overlanding Bed Rack".


  • We have a wide range of accessories, such as awnings, recovery tracks, rooftop tents, fuel and water packs, road showers, electric coolers, armor, storage, lights; and of course roof racks!

Do you consider yourself a "weekend warrior" or "wheeler"?

We have not forgotten about you, as we have solutions for you as well.

Let's rack that. And that.

and those too.

Bikes, skis, cargo, kayaks, and more. Bring every challenge you have to RackStarz and we'll start by finding the best rack or hitch to get you and your equipment from the garage to the trailhead.

Yakima cargo rack filled with gear

Endless choices.

All the right decisions.

We'll help you shop hundreds of rack and hitch systems from brands we know, love, and use ourselves - Yakima, Thule, Kuat, Inno, CURT, and RockyMounts. From removable rack systems to fixed track systems for greater versatility, we have exactly what you need.

Yakima - Take More Friends
Thule - Bring Your Life
Küat Racks

You're in good hands.

Permanent rack systems and hitches require drilling, filling, and polishing, with your vehicle. We have 35 years of collective industry experience installation and will leave you with a professional, clean look - every time.



Truck + fleet friendly.

Let's turn Super Duty into Double Duty with a rack system for your truck bed. We'll turn your truck into a weekend warrior or a job site hero.


Do you own multiple vehicles for your business? We can rig them all with a consistent look, and consistently stellar carrying-capacity.

Thule utility truck rack at a job site


When you purchase your rack or hitch through RackStarz, our Specialists and Technicians will help you get it installed.

Come see us in-store or call us for more information on pricing for individual rack or hitch products!

Pricing for custom racks varies, depending on whether we're installing a fixed-point or track base. Custom hitches similarly vary in pricing, depending on the vehicle frame.

Not sure or have questions? Call us at: 

(720)510-2118 for Denver

(719) 368-6690 for Colorado Springs

(720) 510-2961 for Boulder

(424) 275-9222 for Los Angeles

(442)266-8303 for San Diego

Need a commercial quote? Email us at


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Thule - Bring Your Life
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