All New Truck Packages to Dominate the [Off]Road

Toyota TRD equipped with a RackStarz Overlander off-road truck package, including a Yakima OutPost HD truck system, Yakima SkyRise tent, and multiple Yakima truck rack accessories
Toyota TRD equipped with a Yakima OutPost HD rack system, Yakima SkyRise HD tent, and multiple Yakima truck rack accessories - comparable to the RackStarz Overlander Package, with the Badlander Option.

It's time to test that rugged-rating on your truck and get you equipped for your next adventure, deep in the wilderness. RackStarz is introducing a series of off-road packages to celebrate the introduction of Retrax Truck Bed Covers and Yakima's all new OverHaul HD and OutPost HD rack systems, to our lineup of off-road-capable products. The two are compatible with one another, and combined, make for the perfect base system to get your truck ready for your next off-road adventure.

To build on the Rugged Base Package, we combine Tepui and Yakima tents, Rigid Industries' industry-leading LED lighting, RoadShower's line of mobile showers, and awnings from Rhino-Rack and Thule, to transform your truck into the ultimate mobile compound, built to conquer the outdoors.

Each package comes with a discount, based on the package and vehicle. Contact us, or visit our showrooms in Boulder or Colorado Springs for more information. Visit to get a quote tailored specifically to your vehicle and needs.


The Rugged package gets you started with a Retrax cover (power or manual), plus a Yakima OverHaul HD or OutPost HD rack system. This is the perfect base package to get you started.


Rugged +Sport

The Rugged +Sport adds any bike, water, or snow rack to the base Rugged package.



The Campground builds on the Rugged, by adding a Tepui or Yakima SkyRise rooftop/truck bed tent, to transform your truck into the ultimate campground.



The Overlander package adds an awning and/or RoadShower mobile shower to your Campground package.

The Badlander Option

The Badlander gets bad*** with the addition of Rigid Industries LED lighting systems to the Overlander. Additional accessories, like the Yakima Sidebars and truck rack accessories, can be added for a more robust package.