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Stealth Hitches Joins the RackStarz Lineup

RackStarz is adding an exciting new lineup of hitch products to its stores, from Stealth Hitches. They are fully hidden (when not in use), maintain the crumple zones on your vehicle's bumpers, and maintain your vehicle's original appearance. Stealth hitches maximize your towing capacity and save your shins from making contact with the receiver. These hitches are the perfect combination of style and performance, and don't require any welding or visible cutouts in your bumper.

From StealthHitches.com: "The Stealth Hitch is completely invisible until you need it. Stealth utilizes a machined, solid state, stainless steel vertical latch block that is attached to hitch bar which is bolted to the vehicle frame and is completely concealed behind the bumper. Separate detachable components provide connections for both racks and towing. These components are easily attached or detached, without tools, in a few seconds."

Stealth joins a variety of hitch options and accessories at RackStarz, giving customers a wide range of options that match any budget, and any need. Pair your new Stealth Hitch with a hitch-mounted platform bike rack, winter sport rack, water sport rack, or trailer.

RackStarz is currently the exclusive certified installer for both Colorado Springs and Boulder, and all Stealth products are available through either location, starting today. Demo products and displays will be available soon, at both locations.

RackStarz owner Nick Bullion commented, saying, "We're excited to introduce Stealth Hitches into our product offering. It's a unique product that anybody with hitch needs can appreciate."

“In the past, a hitch purchase meant you had to compromise the safety and look of your vehicle in order to add a lifestyle enhancement of a hitch.” Says owner and CEO of Stealth Hitches, Steve Nance. “I felt you could have both – a safe and durable hitch as well as maintain the beauty of your vehicle. In fact, our hitch provides a lifestyle advantage for vehicles that generally do not offer a way to tow or carry bike racks due to our invisible feature when not in use. We are excited to partner with Rackstarz and bring our invisible line of Stealth Hitches to outdoor enthusiast in the Colorado area.”

"We are excited to partner with Rackstarz and bring our invisible line of Stealth Hitches to outdoor enthusiast in the Colorado area.” - CEO of Stealth Hitches, Steve Nance

Come into your local RackStarz shop to learn more, or visit StealthHitches.com for more information.

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