Bill Radford Examines RackStarz + The outdoor industry

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

RackStarz Colorado Springs Store with Nick Bullion Owner
Dolly, the RackStarz shop dog, watches by the front door while owner Nick Bullion, right, install tech Marcus Gonzalez, middle, and marketing manager Jackson Thom talk last week at RackStarz in Colorado Springs . The rack and hitch store opened May 1 . “We’re in a mecca for outdoor sports,” said Thom. “And there isn’t a single competitor around.” (Photo by Kelsey Brunner, The Gazette)

Bill Radford of The Gazette, recently wrote an article about the outdoor industry in Colorado Springs and RackStarz' place in the growing industry, entitled, "Colorado Springs area aims to share state's spot atop outdoor recreation world."

"For one thing, he says, Colorado Springs did not have a dedicated rack and hitch business. But more importantly, he says, RackStarz is all about getting people and their gear out into the great outdoors — and the Colorado Springs area is an outdoor Mecca." - Bill Radford, Sept. 8, 2018, The Gazette

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Photo Credit: Kelsey Brunner, Photographer, The Gazette